Barista Rack for portafilter, tamper and coffee accessories

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Color: Black

The FLATE® Barista Rack is the ultimate companion for all espresso lovers and brings order to your coffee bar! It is made of powder-coated thick steel and gets mounted on the wall. With three holders for portafilter and tamper, a hanger for barista towels and two shelves for additional accessories, you have everything you need to tidy up your coffee bar. It fits all popular espresso machine models such as E61, Breville, De'Longhi, Bezzera, Rocket, Marzocco and many more!

High quality and durable
Powder-coated steel
Holder for portafilters and tampers
2 shelves for accessories
Hanger for towels and jugs
Magnetic wooden bar made of oiled oak
Mounting kit included
Fairly produced in the EU
Worldwide shipping

FLATE® Barista Rack

The FLATE® Barista Rack brings order to your coffee bar. With three holders for portafilters, a hanging device for cloths and two storage areas, it is the perfect addition to any espresso machine. Made from powder-coated steel and suitable for all standard portafilter models.

Towel holder

Also suitable for hanging milk cans or other hooks

Large storage space

For bean containers, coffee packs or larger jugs

Brackets with anti-slip rubber coating

For portafilters and tampers of all kinds

Magnetic wooden bar

Made from natural oak. Easily removed for cleaning

Storage for everyday needs

Whether it's a milk jug, scale, or cups. Tip: Magnetic dosing rings can also be attached to the underside.

High quality &
solid material

Robust, anti-fingerprint
powder coating

Sustainable and fair
produced in the EU

Suitable for every
machine manufacturer

worldwide shipping


Discover the advantages of FLATE® - each shelf is manufactured fairly in the EU and impresses with its high-quality craftsmanship and robust materials. The powder coating with structure not only protects against wear, but also prevents annoying fingerprints.


The wooden bar made of oiled oak not only looks beautiful, but can also be moved in position thanks to the integrated magnets and thus serves as the perfect spacer for your portafilters.


During the design, attention was paid to every detail that influences daily use. For example, anti-slip covers ensure that your portafilters are hung gently and securely.

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